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In 1980, a young man named Craig Connelly, fresh from Arizona State University, turned his back on the corporate world and decided to work with his hands, a set of tools and a dream. That dream was to build a superior company. Selling a superior billiard table. It was a dream born during his college years when he met his school expenses manufacturing and delivering billiard tables for a mom and pop operation in Phoenix, Arizona.

Connelly’s first shop was a rented garage in Tucson where he made, sold and sometimes slept on billiard tables. He worked diligently engineering and perfecting his ideas for a better table. In spite of pressures to make them faster and cheaper, Connelly refused to compromise. He began to incorporate materials and processes that made the table better. Much better. Chief among his principles was the belief that a better table was one that was structurally superior with thicker panels, stronger beams and wider rails.

While maintaining traditional design concepts, Connelly refined his craft and his knowledge. Today, every Connelly table adheres to the original concept and can proudly claim the Connelly name. An important part of the Connelly difference grows out of the company and its Southwestern roots. A clean, uncomplicated, honest approach–with just a little bit of cowboy swagger. Plus a firm committment to quality and just plain doing things the right way. You’ll see this heritage built into every Connelly table. You’ll see it in every important detail. And you will definitely feel it when you play on a Connelly. It’s even reflected in the names of our tables, which are evocative of the southwest, like Sedona, Prescott and Cochise.

Today, Connelly dealers are found across the U.S. and Canada. Connelly routinely ships tables to Europe, New Zealand and the Middle East. The Connelly story includes a retail chapter as well. As the largest billiard retailer in the Southwest, there are seven Connelly stores in Arizona offering true factory-direct pricing.